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End of Disaster

End of Disaster - web

Well – here is the  End of Disaster. I’ve had a very interesting time with my Summer Experiments. The acrylic mediums I’ve been experimenting with are fascinating and have tremendous possibility. The painting itself is not, I think, one of my best, but I’m not embarrassed by it and feel I’ve resolved it – in other words – it isn’t squeaking at me anymore. And there is some nice symbolism in it. I wish I had about 8 more lives so I could explore explore more artistic avenues in greater depth. What I’ve found here is that I’m really missing the deep process of my still life oil paintings. And so I will resume my new series of those on Friday. The studio is now clean. Stay tuned for my thoughts and progress reports.

Summer Experimentation Continued…


Well – here is my ” Disaster”. It seems that I can’t stop working on it no matter how sideways it goes. This image is of the first time I thought it was done. I’m liking what is happening just now a little bit better and will post it again next week so that you can all see how it transforms. Wish me luck! Hopefully it will be finished.

Summer Experimentation

Chooser- web

As a way of relaxing from the pressure of constant production – I will often take breaks from my usual practice and try on something new. This summer I decided to come to terms with the massive, often confusing, wall of acrylic mediums at the art store. I bought a bunch. What a learning curve!  So far my experience is telling me that its easy to make something kinda cool… but well – is it art I want people to see – or is it just awful. This is what I’m constantly telling my students: ” When you start a new medium give yourself a couple of years to really get the hang of it. Its ALL about the practice. ” I came out with a couple of things that are ok. And one unmitigated disaster – that I keep trying to save. The one above turned out ok. Live and learn. Now its time for me to get back into my long seeing mode and make some more Still Life. I’ll finish cleaning the studio today and should be back at the easel on Friday. I’m looking forward to it.

Welcome to my new website.


This new website is intended to give a broad overview of my work as an artist and teacher with an emphasis on the gregarious nature of my creative spirit – an extended portfolio. I believe art to be a vast thing – endless in its possibilties, pains and pleasures – and I love to be engaged in it in any capacity.

This site will also be a format for my ongoing discussion with myself and others on art and my experiences as an artist. I hope that the site will also serve an educational role for many of my students – by example and by direct comment.

I hope to post things at least once a week – so please come back on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy your visits.
Welcome again,