Summer Experimentation

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As a way of relaxing from the pressure of constant production – I will often take breaks from my usual practice and try on something new. This summer I decided to come to terms with the massive, often confusing, wall of acrylic mediums at the art store. I bought a bunch. What a learning curve!  So far my experience is telling me that its easy to make something kinda cool… but well – is it art I want people to see – or is it just awful. This is what I’m constantly telling my students: ” When you start a new medium give yourself a couple of years to really get the hang of it. Its ALL about the practice. ” I came out with a couple of things that are ok. And one unmitigated disaster – that I keep trying to save. The one above turned out ok. Live and learn. Now its time for me to get back into my long seeing mode and make some more Still Life. I’ll finish cleaning the studio today and should be back at the easel on Friday. I’m looking forward to it.

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