New series…

Her Panda's

The beginning of a new series is always an interesting time for me, and in the case of the most recent I’m not really sure its that new. I’m really intrigued with the object – more specifically with the way that objects hold meaning. This started in Marg’s Museum when I was working with things that had belonged to my Mom. They were and still are full of meaning for me. So I’m thinking – do objects rely on context and memory for their meaning – and if so does that disappear with the individual for whom it had meaning. Or in a broader context what cultural influences determine the individuals perception of meaning? How does where you are generationally affect your perception of the objects you see? These are the ideas I’m working with right now – it will be interesting for me to see how they play out through the painting process. The painting – Her Panda’s – above – is a painting of some of the initial objects of inspiration. Why do we choose the objects we choose?

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