Seasonal Hangover…

I’m a few days late getting this first post of the year up because I’ve been struggling with a familiar situation. Maybe some of you are familiar with it. The painting I was hard at work on and really optimistic about before the holidays – upon a return to the studio – became tough and resistant to my liking anything about it. I did not like it and did not want to work on it. Several days of my giving it the evil eye and finding other convenient ways to avoid it went by. And then a couple of days ago my aggravation reached the point where I had to call someone in frustration, even opening up my palette and getting my brush wet had no effect. Still awful. My husband said , “Thats because it is awful, get rid of it and start a new one!” Humpf. He was right – but what had happened to my initial great idea? Before the holidays I had had a brainwave  – brought on by second thoughts – about the colour. I thought I should warm it up. Chose my palette, mixed my paint – and got started. The rest you know. Its funny how these things work. After I talked to my husband that day I went and had a nap – classic avoidance behavior. But after lunch I went to look at it again and – EUREKA! – the solution was to go back to my original idea and palette and now the darned thing is kind of painting itself. And I love it. I think there were two major factors in this little drama. First I changed my original exciting idea because – and this is the important part – I had second thoughts about whether or not people would like it – I thought it might be too…creepy. Which is exactlly what I had loved about the idea in the first place. Why do I always forget that my paintings are 99% right about how they want to be? Every time. The second factor was, of course, the Christmas break. Getting back into the flow always takes me a few days and for some other unknown reason that always catches me off guard too. Now all is flowing smoothly. We’ll see how long we can prolong that. Its really good to be back in the studio.

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