Pre-Show Nerves…

I’m getting excited about my opening for Common Whimsey’s. It’s opening the day after tomorrow – Thursday, September 16, 5 – 8pm, and runs until October 3. It’s been up for a week already and Rob at Axis contemporary art gallery, says the feedback so far is great. I hope its well attended and I hope for some good sales as well. It’s always interesting to put yourself out there in this way. Sometimes I think I must be crazy – but then I go see the show hanging all beautiful in the gallery and I am proud of myself. So let’s hope that my really cute new shoes don’t kill my feet. Wish me luck everyone! Oh – I’ll be giving an Artist’s Talk in the gallery at 2pm on Saturday, September 18 – and Rob tells me that Art Central will be hopping – live music and lots going on. Should be a fun day.

And ONE MORE THING…Saturday,  September 18 is the first annual Cochrane Art Walk. My husband Luke will be having an Open House at his studio – Steel Stone Bone 204C River Avenue, Cochrane, 10am – 7pm. I hope lots of folks go out to see all the great new sculpture he’s been making. It’s a beautiful drive.

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