C’est la vie – Slightly Melancholy

Tomorrow my Common Whimsey’s comes down at Axis and as is usual for me after a show – I feel somewhat melancholic. 🙁  Like that a bit. The response to the exhibit has been great, but more sales would have made me much happier. And after the long intense period of making all that work  I’m having that post show adjustment  ( and deflation ) that slowly results in a re-orientation to a new body of thought and work. One needs to be philosophic about these things. Now – having said that I’m still really happy with the show and am looking forward to putting a bunch of the paintings up on Imagekind to offer as prints. I think these paintings really work as art for a child’s room – so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll send out email to announce when I get that happening.

I’m also getting excited about using the possibilities of the internet to really get some kind of communication about my work – and art in general – happening with the broader world. I am very enthused about the idea of interacting with people from all over the world in a direct and personal way. The world is a huge and various place – to say the least –  and I’m excited to throw my work out there into it.  So – you will see more involvement in the online world from me and my art in the near future. I’m expecting a bit of a learning curve – so please bear with me as I figure it all out. So – now I’m back at my desk to start getting it all figured out. Onward.

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