Monthly Archives: November 2012

New Portrait!


Chloe Considering

Here is the latest portrait. Young Chloe is a dear, often introspective girl.

I was playing around again with my ground here. Drawing directly onto illustration board and then isolating the drawing with clear gesso. Not a bad way to go. This one just painted itself – not hard when the subject is so lovely.

Announcing a Wonderful Relationship!

Scaredy Cat

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve been represented by Just Imajan Gallery in Cochrane since August. And while I’ve been a distracted so & so not mentioning it on here at all, my friend Janet Armstrong has been steadily selling my paintings. I AM THRILLED about that. The latest painting to find a new home is Scaredy Cat – posted above.

I should also mention here that Just Imajan is also representing my husband Luke Lukasewich, sculptor, whose work you can see on his own website – – I’m in the process of updating that site.

So thanks Janet,

I couldn’t be happier! Go check out the gallery – Just Imajan – online – and in the flesh next time you’re on Cochrane – #3, 320-1Street West, Cochrane, AB.

Here are the other paintings she has sold for me:

Tragedy I, A Sad Story

Bunny in Heaven

Tragedy II, Broken Circle