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Verna Vogel’s Fragile Planets

Verna Vogel's Fragile Planets exhibit

Verna Vogel’s Fragile Planets exhibit @ OAG


Calgary artist Verna Vogel will be opening her show – FRAGILE PLANETS – at the Okotoks Art Gallery [ ] this Saturday from 11am to 3pm. 

Verna is a sublime abstractionist, weaving layers of strong opaque colour with both delicate and intense glazes, along with vigorous mark making, she seemingly effortlessly finds endless iterations of line and circle. Her work is always an inspiration.

In this exhibit she works 3 dimensionally, with her focus on the iconic metaphorical image of the circle exploring depths of meaning.

She will be showing alongside the peerless Eveline Kolijn. Go see this show, you will be transported. FRAGILE PLANETS was first shown at the Western GM Drumheller Gallery in 2017.

Here is her Artist’s statement:

Exploring boundaries and extensions of block printing, Fragile Planets is a circular meditation on human sensory perception.

In a world flooded with visual reproductions, we may often encounter a thing through its image, before (or instead of) experiencing it “in real life”. Are both the print and its original source equally valid?

A circle, one of the ancient symbols used by human civilization, carries strong connotations. The layered circular form of Fragile Planets may encourage contemplations of strength and fragility: a circle is protective, capable of excluding or containing worlds; yet permeable, allowing for entry or exit at any point.

You can see more of Verna’s works on her website :