Lori Lukasewich@CKG,

About stillness…

The most honest thing I can say about my paintings is that they are first about stillness. What that means is that in order for me to practice the “ long seeing “ required to achieve the results I desire I must quiet and still myself enough to see clearly enough what is before me. It is very much like meditation.

The choice of subject is secondary to the experience of seeing the subject, but, of course I choose subjects that I will have pleasure in observing for long periods of time. As well “ meditating” on beauty is a deeply satisfying ongoing practice.

And then there is the simple act of sticking a stick with hairs on it into coloured goo and mushing it around. Its so direct, so low tech, and, again, so deeply satisfying. I love painting.

And that – that I really love the process and practice of painting – is the most honest thing I can say about it

About beauty…

Beauty sustains, nourishes and expands us. Beauty quiets, calms and assures us. Beauty heals and encourages us. Beauty delights and amazes us. Beauty gives a space in which to realign ourselves. Beauty is as essential to our healthy functioning as air. Beauty is a celebration. Beauty is important.

I’ve been purposeful and determined about my allegiance to and understanding of beauty throughout my entire painting career.

Some of the paintings I’m presenting here are about the role of memory and emotion in our perception of beauty. The objects were originally chosen because of their nostalgic kitschy nature and I was going to explore the role of nostalgia and questionable taste in my series. Why would people want these things or why would anyone actually design and make them? So I was feeling somewhat facetious about them as I began, but I was seduced by their sweet whimsical presence. I could see the soothing quality of nostalgia and memory in them. I was delighted by them in the end and could see that things so lighthearted could and should be considered beautiful. In fact the lightheartedness itself was a quite important part of why they were beautiful.

This exhibit is not about new work, but it is about what I think has been some of my best work, all of which you will see in other sections on the website.

Lori Lukasewich December 2014