New Gallery Representation!!!


I’m SO pleased to announce new gallery representation in Calgary. And the work looks great in Christine Klassen Gallery’s fabulous new warehouse space at 200-321-50 Avenue SE.


Please come and help us celebrate at  the opening of our exhibit on Saturday, December 6, from 1 – 4pm!


For this exhibit Christine and I have selected paintings that  I believe represent the very best of my work. Come and see if you agree!

Say goodbye to Imagekind!

Good Kitty

A New Exhibit!!!

November invitiation II

Reflexions, The Arts of Lori & Luke Lukasewich opens today, and the opening reception is on Friday, November 7 from 5 – 8:30 pm. This marks only the second time that my husband and I have shown together and the first time ever in Calgary. The last time was close to 20 years ago!! I am really looking forward to seeing many of you there!

2 New Workshops!

Just click on the image of the workshop to see an expanded version with all the info!

Mixed Media Workshop

Mixed Media Workshop


Kids Portrait Workshop

Kids Portrait Workshop


In Mixed Media Madness we will focus on Acrylics and collage, pouring, splashing, knifing, embedding – lots of cool fun techniques.

Painting Kids Portraits is just that – we’ll be looking at how kids proportions differ from adults, composition and of douse mixing skin tones. Come on out – you will have lots of fun and learn some things too! suitable for either acrylics or oils.

Check it out at  and




End of an era.


Say goodbye to Imagekind!

Say goodbye to Imagekind!

Way back in 2005 I received a lovely letter from a lovely lady from California. She was starting up a new kind of company for the time, an exclusive online venue for selling fine art prints. She had seen my website and thought my work would be a great fit for their initial offering. It was very exciting, offering a whole new way for my work to reach the public and offering the possibility of secondary income. Fantastic. High end photographs were taken, cd’s were burned and we embarked on the new thing. The quality of the reproductions was excellent. I think I sold one print over the 4 years that these dear people kept their new company afloat. They called it quits in 2009.

By this time online print companies had proliferated, there were plenty to choose from. I chose Imagekind. I’ve been a member since 2009. Imagekind was a wonderful way for my family to purchase prints from the exhibit I did about my folks – Marg’s Museum. And they have purchased a few others. One of my friends bought one. The quality of their reproductions was excellent. But that was it. 2010 was the last sale. Could I have done more to market this – sure. But I am a painter and I prefer to spend my time painting – after all, you want to keep up production, so you always have fresh new things.

Until a couple of months ago I had never been asked by a serious collector or a gallery if my works were available as prints. No one seemed concerned about it. Then I had a conversation with a collector who told me they wanted to feel secure in the knowledge that the image in the painting they bought would not be available to anyone else. And just last week I lost a sale because the collector had seen the image of the painting he was considering on Imagekind and apparently did not believe it when the gallery told him that there were no prints of it out there. [ I did have knowledge of every sale. ]

Now while I could have a discussion on the pros and cons of whether or not the collectors idea is a fair one for the artist, I’ve decided to go with the exclusivity that these collectors want. I am not an alla prima painter, my work is time consuming.  And in light of the lack of print sales I feel that the best decision is to withdraw all my work from the online print venues. Goodbye Imagekind.

Now – hopefully – prospective collectors will feel more comfortable.



Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Luke’s profile, Carbon Dust


I hope everyone is excited about the New Year as I am. I’m feeling such appreciation for my life and everyone and everything in it, I’m certainly very blessed. I’m also anticipating many wonderful things coming about this year. So here’s to my wonderful life and yours. Happy New Year to all!!!

New Portrait!


Chloe Considering

Here is the latest portrait. Young Chloe is a dear, often introspective girl.

I was playing around again with my ground here. Drawing directly onto illustration board and then isolating the drawing with clear gesso. Not a bad way to go. This one just painted itself – not hard when the subject is so lovely.