December 30, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Luke’s profile, Carbon Dust


I hope everyone is excited about the New Year as I am. I’m feeling such appreciation for my life and everyone and everything in it, I’m certainly very blessed. I’m also anticipating many wonderful things coming about this year. So here’s to my wonderful life and yours. Happy New Year to all!!!

December 26, 2012

Tis the Season!! 2012!!

Lottie & Apple the Dapple

Little Buggers

Celebrating the Christmas season with a new addition to the portfolio – Little Buggers – or Lottie and Apple the Dapple. So cute. Oil & alkyd on canvas, 12″ x 36″.

November 26, 2012

New Portrait!


Chloe Considering

Here is the latest portrait. Young Chloe is a dear, often introspective girl.

I was playing around again with my ground here. Drawing directly onto illustration board and then isolating the drawing with clear gesso. Not a bad way to go. This one just painted itself – not hard when the subject is so lovely.

November 1, 2012

Announcing a Wonderful Relationship!

Scaredy Cat

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve been represented by Just Imajan Gallery in Cochrane since August. And while I’ve been a distracted so & so not mentioning it on here at all, my friend Janet Armstrong has been steadily selling my paintings. I AM THRILLED about that. The latest painting to find a new home is Scaredy Cat – posted above.

I should also mention here that Just Imajan is also representing my husband Luke Lukasewich, sculptor, whose work you can see on his own website – – I’m in the process of updating that site.

So thanks Janet,

I couldn’t be happier! Go check out the gallery – Just Imajan – online – and in the flesh next time you’re on Cochrane – #3, 320-1Street West, Cochrane, AB.

Here are the other paintings she has sold for me:

Tragedy I, A Sad Story

Bunny in Heaven

Tragedy II, Broken Circle

September 18, 2012

Portraits by Commission!

Kiev at Gramma’s

I’m happy to announce that I’m now offering Portraits by commission. My summer foray into painting my sweet little grand daughter has led to enquiries and commissions from interested folks and I thought – why not – this is pretty fun to do. People and pets! So – voila!

I’m offering 3 different options, mediums and price points: oil paintings, acrylic mixed media paintings, and charcoal drawings.

You’ll find the new section directly to the right of this post. You’ll see lots of portraits and all the information you need to get the ball rolling. I’ll also be updating the galleries as I finish new commissions – so there will be more to see as time goes by.

When you decide that you want a painting of a near and dear one, you can get ahold of me by going to the Contact link up in the header of this page – next to my name, and simply email me for a more specific conversation about exactly what you want.

I’m thrilled to be embarking on this and enjoying the beauty and personality of each person I’ve worked on so far. And I hope you like what you see.

July 17, 2012

Summer Painting

June 14, 2012

Summer Workshops – Charcoal Portraits

June 14, 2012

Summer Workshop – Light& Transparency

June 14, 2012

Summer Workshop – Abstract Attack!!


June 14, 2012

Hot off the easel!

First time in the Giraffe House. In Science mode.

This little girl has inspired me to paint some portraits. This was the first, painted in one day on a previously prepared red toned ground with a green underpainting, for which I used Gamblin’s new FasteMatte colors, introduced to me by Scott Gellatly in a presentation at Swinton’s Art & Instruction. Fantastic presentation. The little painting was much fun to do. It’s not even properly photographed and documented yet. And the second is now ready to go. Probably paint it on Monday after a keenly anticipated – and needed – weekend of R&R. I’m new to alla prima and so looking forward to where it will take me. Meanwhile – the new series is progressing as well. I’m excited about both streams of work.