Online! On Zoom!

I have been teaching online on Zoom since March 2020. 

There are 2 weekly STUDIO CLASSES, Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm, mostly Watercolour people, and Thursday afternoons from 2-4pm, mostly Acrylics. Remember that studio classes are a place where you can paint what you want to and I help you out. We also do a lot of group exercises, mostly suggested by someone in the group. You always have the option to opt out of the exercises and just do what you want. They are both great friendly groups. We have a lot of fun. 

These classes are paid for monthly. I charge $25/class, so some months are 4 weeks or $100 and some are 5 weeks or $125. If you miss a class you can always make it up in the other class. ie. – if you miss your Wednesday evening class you can make it up in a Thursday afternoon class and vice versa.